March 18, 2013

My First "Liebster" Award

My blog has been nominated for a Liebster award. If you 're like me, you might probably be wondering what a "Liebster award" is. So, the curious in me set to find out what "Liebster" means & what the award is meant for.

"Liebster" in German means "beloved/favorite/dearest". Liebster award is an award nominated to a blogger (nominee, with less than 200 followers) by a fellow blogger (nominator) who follows/enjoys nominee's blog. The nominee has two options, either to accept the award & pass it on (or) refuse the award. Though there are no judges / no special rules, this is what is religiously followed across the blogs. 
  • Share 11 random facts about you.
  • Answer the 11 random questions asked by the nominator.
  • Pass it on to 11 fellow bloggers with 11 new questions.
Honestly, I have no clue about the connection between "Liebster" and the number "11". Having said that, Liebster award is basically to encourage the fellow 'newbie' bloggers, increase the blog traffic and keep the chain going! It's as simple as that!!

So, I was nominated for "Liebster award" by a wonderful fellow blogger, Naaz Mateen of Ammi Rasoi. First of all, let me 'Thank you' Naaz Mateen, for choosing my blog for the award. This award is so encouraging & exciting as I am still taking baby steps in the food-blogging world. So, I have decided to accept the award and pass it on!

11 random facts about myself my blog
(I decided to state 11 random facts about my blog which I think is more appropriate)
  1. My first post was on November 28, 2011.
  2. I have published 177 recipes so far.
  3. Incidentally, I have made sweets/desserts for all the milestones (50th, 100th, 150th posts).
  4. My most popular post till date is "Seppankizhangu Roast" followed by "Potato Sagu".
  5. Only, recipes that are approved by my husband & my kiddo make it to the blog.
  6. For taking pictures, I use Samsung PL120 digital camera.
  7. Most exciting recipe - Ice cream. I wasn't even aware that ice cream can be made at home, so it was definitely a thrilling one for me!
  8. Most complex recipe that I have tried for more than 5 times, and still unable to perfect it - "Mughlai Dum Biriyani" (still working on it).
  9. Eggless dates cake was definitely a reviving recipe from my 5 month long dormant period.(between Feb 2012 & July 2012)
  10. What drives me to do more & more is when someone writes to me / tells me how good my recipe turned out for them and how much their family enjoyed it.
  11. Recent feedback that I got from my friend 's circle (after trying the recipe) is for "Pulikaichal".
11 questions from Ammi Rasoi, my nominator
  1. What do you like to cook? Anything that my family will love to eat.
  2. What is your favorite food? Hands down, south Indian vegetarian.
  3. Why did you start blogging? Mainly to save the recipes for my son/daughter & future generations to come.
  4. What are the best five words that describe you? Honest, sincere, hard-working, emotional, short-tempered.
  5. Do you have some other food blogs that you recommend? food viva, veggie belly, rak's kitchen, chefinyou, recipris, acurryofalife, sharmispassions, manjulaskitchen  and a lot more out there!
  6. How do you click your photographs? In natural light with samsung PL 120 digital camera.
  7. What is your weakness? My family.
  8. Your favorite weekend outing? Place doesn't matter, but it has to be with my family.
  9. What was your first comment on the other blogs? "This is so tempting :) 'll try this & let you know .."
  10. What do you love about blogging? How it extends my boundary in learning various cuisines.
  11. Are you an extrovert or introvert? mix of both! Shy yet very out-going!!
My 11 questions
  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. Who is the biggest inspiration for your food blog?
  3. What is the most impressive dish you have ever made?
  4. What is 'comfort food' for you?
  5. What is your favorite dish?
  6. What is your favorite dessert?
  7. Sweet (or) Savory?
  8. Bland (or) Spicy?
  9. Coffee (or) Tea?
  10. Who is your most favorite celebrity chef and why?
  11. If you were to host a show in any food channel, which show would you like to host & why?
My nominations
  1. Colleen Mahal of "A Curry of a Life" - Adore the way how Colleen writes about Indian food. Kudos to all the effort she 's taking to learn them & more so, blogging them. My go-to blog whenever I need traditional Punjabi recipes.
  2. Jayashree Govindarajan of "Thalikkum Osai" - Love the touch of humor that runs right from her "Intro page" through the entire blog. It was so inspiring to see a blog in Tamil. I am not sure if she is still blogging, but this award is just to let her know how much I like her blog and encourage her to continue from where she 'd left.
  3. Savithri of "Married to a desi" - This is one of the blogs that I used to visit often even before I started blogging. Used to love the way she presents a recipe, her story and her clicks. Again, I don't know if she still writes, but would love to see her continue.
  4. MD of Veg Bowl - Love, love, love her pictures. There are days when I have simply sat in front of my laptop and drooled at her pictures.
  5. Vidhya Subramony of "Sweet Karam Kapi"- I am a big fan of her cover with coffee beans & coffee cup in the background. Infact, that's what got me into following her blog.
  6. Shweta of Shweta in the Kitchen
  7. Rajani of My Kitchen Trials
  8. Champa of Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen
  9. Princy Vinoth of Spicy Food
  10. Shobana Arunkumat of Shobs Kitchen
  11. Shanthi Muthuvel of 7aumsuvai


  1. thank you so much Sasi for giving me this precious award..

  2. Congrats for winning ur first Liebster award. Great going! And thanks a lot Sasi for honoring me with this award.

  3. Thanks Sasi for the award, I have been away from my blog for years and now getting into pace.

  4. Thanks Sasi for the award, I have been away from my blog for years and now getting into pace.