May 29, 2015

"Roasted" Enchilada Sauce

Some things in life are much better when made from scratch, like this enchilada sauce for example. "Whole" enchilada is a traditional Mexican dish where stuffed tortillas are covered and cooked in tomatoes & chile based "enchilada" sauce. When your sauce is rightly flavored, the whole enchilada turns out just right... like MAGIC...!

This sauce uses a secret ingredient (red bell-pepper), can be made in short time, extremely tasty & flavorful. Pardon my bragging but this recipe uses only fresh, organic & real ingredients. No-CANNED-ingredients of any sort.. now, isn't that cool?

May 22, 2015

Pasta with Roasted Bell Pepper & Cilantro "Vegan" Sauce

Do you like roasted red bell pepper? Then, you should try this creamy, luscious, flavorful sauce - a great way to jazz up your pasta dish and to make use of this season of vegetable bounty. Would you believe if I told you that the sauce uses only "three" ingredients - bell pepper, tomatoes, cilantro - can't get any simpler, can it?! Trust me, this is such an easy, straightforward "VEGAN" sauce that you can put up in very less time.

May 18, 2015

Lauki Ki Dal

Lauki, also known as bottle-gourd / opo-squash in English and sorakkai in Tamil is one of the most under-used (or should I say unused, mmm?!?!) vegetables, both in my parent's side and my in-law's side. Though no one could clearly explain the belief or custom behind not using this vegetable, it was strictly followed without any exceptions. Thus, lauki became one of my most loathed vegetables.

Every single time in grocery shop, I have walked past this vegetable with lot of arguments in my mind whether to buy it or not but never had the courage to give in. Recently, I had a friend visiting us and guess what, she had this recipe of lauki with bengal gram that she vouched for. I knew it was so long overdue for me to outgrow my dislike for this vegetable and decided to try it!

May 2, 2015


Hello there! It's been a while since I got down with a good recipe.. Oh... how I wish the time slows down a bit and lets me catch up! After I completed the online food photography course (check this post to know more about the course), my blogging kind of took a back seat.. maybe it's the break, or maybe it's because my routine is changed... uhmm.. not sure. But, I am hoping to get my blogging mojo back! Help me folks.. give me some love.. show your support..

Parotta or barotta, as we call it in south-India is a layered, flaky breakfast bread. Parotta is so popular amongst all of the street foods that you can literally see parotta stalls at the corner of each & every streets of Tamilnadu. It is quite a sight to see "parotta master" artfully flipping parottas in the air like how the chefs here flips pizza dough in the air. Parotta, as such is a bland dish and has no taste. It is usually paired up with "salna", a variation of vegetable kurma that is spicy and runny. When poured hot over the parotta, the parotta soaks up all the flavors of salna and becomes softer & juicier.