February 9, 2012

100th post - Vanilla & Gulab Icecream

So, here I am … at my 100th post. It all started with just a spark, but I love the way it is shaping up now. Most importantly, a big thanks to all my family, friends and fellow bloggers who travelled with me through this enjoyable blogging journey of mine and encouraged me to try different recipes.

Do you see the number 100?
Without a doubt, blogging helped in pushing my envelope in archiving traditional recipes, to attempt at different cuisines, to experiment with baking and above all, to share all the cooking fun & experiences that I had. Blogging also helped me in bringing out my hidden interests in writing & photography to light. I am sure my writing & photography skills will get even better with time :-)

I had a few recipes in my mind that I wanted to try for my 100th post and my daughter helped me in narrowing down to one (no prizes for guessing though !!!!). Yes, ice cream it is and this time, I made vanilla ice cream and gulab (rose-flavored) ice cream. They came out perfect. I have to say, ice cream is one of the easiest desserts to make at home :-) Moreover, it feels really good eating homemade food without any of those artificial preservatives & chemicals.

Couple of months ago, I tried to make strawberry icecream but it tasted like frozen strawberry milkshake rather than icecream. What actually happened was, I got so curious about tasting and more so, blogging that I did not give enough time for it to freeze. But this time, I froze it overnight and result ?!?!?! - smooth, creamy, melting, yummy, sinful, delicious icecream.

My daughter simply loved it and her favorite among the two was gulab ice cream (for the color, without a doubt :-)). She thinks that her amma can do all wonders when it comes to cooking and so, I happily decided to keep this magic going and stretch it out as far as it'll go ;-) This time, my hubby didn't have anything to comment as he got really busy into enjoying this sweet delight with a cup of fruits.

Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups
Sugar - 1 cup
Milk - 2 cups (I used 2%. You could also use whole milk)
Vanilla extract - 2 teaspoons
Rose extract - 2 teaspoons

Whip cream until it doubles in size using an electric hand mixer / stand alone mixer (I used my hand mixer at speed 2 for about 10 mins). Add milk, sugar and whisk until sugar dissolves completely.

Now, divide the mixture into two equal parts. To one, add vanilla extract and mix well. To the other, add rose extract and mix well to combine.

Leave both the mixture in freezer for about 45 mins - 1 hr. Then, using a spatula / electric mixer break all the ice particles and mix until creamy. Repeat this process for every 30 mins for 2-3 hrs (about 4-6 times).

Then, freeze the ice cream mixture overnight (or 5-6 hrs). Serve & enjoy!!!

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