November 25, 2014

Radish - Sweet Potato - Kale Hash

A warm & comforting vegan hash that uses radish, sweet-potatoes and curly kale and spiced up with curry powder. Extremely delicious and can be prepared in minutes. Pairs up so well with rice/roti.

November 24, 2014


This month's choice for "We Knead To Bake" group was Sheermal/Shirmal, a Persian origin naan-like sweet, saffron-flavored flat-bread. Thank you Aparna for this unique bread recipe that I wouldn't have known/tried otherwise.

Sheermal or Shirmal is a traditional, saffron-flavored, faintly sweetened, leavened flatbread that is popular in countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. It is suggested that the name sheermal comes from the Persian word "milk" which is “sheer”. In India, sheermal is predominantly popular in regions that were under Mughal influence viz Kashmir, Lucknow & Hyderabad.

November 17, 2014

Palakura Pappu with Methi

Pappu/Dal is one of the quitessentials from Andhra Pradesh, south-eastern state of India. Simply put, an Andhra meal is not complete without pappu. Pappu refers to a thick stew usually prepared with toor dal/pigeon peas with/without vegetables and is a ready source of proteins in a mostly vegetarian diet. Some of the very popular "Pappu" varieties from Andhra are thotakura (amaranth) pappu, menthikura (fenugreek leaves) pappu, palakura (spinach) pappu, dosakaya (yellow cucumber) pappu, tomato pappu, beerakaya (ridge gourd) pappu, sorakaya (bottle gourd) pappu. The basic idea of making a classic pappu is very simple & straight-forward - just pressure cook pigeon dal along with vegetables, whichever that you are using and finish it off by garnishing with tempering/tadka.

November 11, 2014

Split Peas & Barley Soup

Split pea & barley soup is a simple "no-fancy" soup made by simmered & pureed dried split green peas along with cooked barley & diced carrots. Split pea soup is often under-rated as a wholesome meal, for it is rich in protein, high in dietary fiber and a great source of complex carbohydrates that helps control blood sugar spikes. This healthy soup can be used as a base for other soups or can be enjoyed as is.

November 7, 2014

Tzatziki Sauce

My first ever post on a classic yet simple "Greek" recipe, Tzatziki sauce. Incase you are hearing it for the first time, don't let the name "Tzatziki" intimidate you, as this is the greek version of our very own "Indian Raita" but flavored with garlic, olive oil, lime juice, mint/dill leaves and cucumber. 

November 6, 2014

Onion Rava Dosa

Onion rava dosa is a popular south-Indian breakfast that is super-instant and irresistible when crispy & golden brown. Making regular dosa takes a lot of time & effort right from soaking of lentils to fermentation. But onion rava dosa is quick and time-saving - you can pretty much start making dosas as soon as the batter is ready.