December 4, 2011

Health & Beauty - Tip #1

Do you want lips that are naturally red? If yes, then read along...

Cilantro (also known as coriander leaves) is one of the popular leaves that is used as a garnish in almost every dish in India. Cilantro has a very unique flavor & smell that some might not even like. I have a cousin who cannot stand the smell & taste of cilantro. While coriander leaves & seeds are extensively used in Indian cooking, it can also be used in place of lipstick.

Everyday when you pick cilantro while cooking, remember to take 4-5 leaves, press the juice out of it with fingers and apply the juice on your lips just as you would wear your chapstick.  In a week 's time you will see the result for yourself.

I have tried this and believe me, this really WORKS.


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