About Me

I hail from southern part of India from a town in Tamilnadu called Kumbakonam. I belong to a very traditional Tamil speaking Brahmin family. I spent most of my childhood in my hometown, and then moved to Chennai for higher studies & work.

Geetha - My MOM - My Inspiration
My mom is a great cook and I thoroughly enjoy every dish of hers. She's truly my inspiration in cooking. Right from my school days, I have been cooking for my dad & bro whenever I get a chance.  I have always loved to try & experiment cooking in my own style & with my own recipes. Though, I couldn't reproduce the exact taste & flavor as that of my mom 's, my dad & bro had always liked my flavor profile.  I have never showed interest in knowing my mom's recipes (her proportion of ingredients) until now. Recently, I have started to get her recipes & compare them with mine just to know where I am missing out the 'oomph' factor. Not to forget, her experience in the kitchen is more than my age and sometimes I am bowled over by the simple tricks that she uses to get the right flavor, smell & color. My mom neither uses measuring cups/spoons of any sort nor tastes the dishes while cooking yet she is able to reproduce the exact flavor & consistency every time without fail. After all, 'Practice makes a man perfect' - isn't it? Kudos to all our moms for their work & experience in the kitchen.

I spent 9 full years working in the software industry and then, got married to the guy (VJ) I was in love with. Now, I am a full time at-home mom with 2 beautiful kids. My hubby & my older kid are very demanding when it comes to the taste of food. Both loves savory/spicy food and yeah,  a few selective sweet dishes too. Some of my recipes in this blog could be a little different from the authentic ones to suit my hubby 's / kids 's taste. 

I had always wanted to write a blog for a long time, but never got time & patience. As I browse through a lot of inspiring & impressive blogs, I have decided to give it another try (yeah, my first attempt at writing blog was an utter flop) in the area that I am comfortable with i.e., cooking & kitchen. Another reason for this blog is to save all the traditional recipes for my kids and may be, for more generations to come.

I am a strict vegetarian and the recipes that you will see in this space will obviously be vegetarian. Please do try my recipes and leave your comments, I would love to hear from you!


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