December 12, 2011

Methi Malai Mutter

"Methi (fenugreek leaves) Malai (heavy cream) Mutter (peas)" is a spicy gravy that goes with chapathi / rice. On the day I prepared this gravy, I had also prepared "Jeera rice" and both complemented each other very well.

This is a recipe that I borrowed from one of my friend's cooking blog "arusuvai kurippu" (Thanks to Roshni - she is one of my inspirations to start this blog). I instantly fell in love with the picture of "Methi Malai Mutter" in her cooking blog. Recipe was very easy (no room for errors) and it came out really very tasty. Rosh, Thanks for the recipe!

This is the first time I am using heavy cream (actually, sour cream), and it turned out to be a hit. My hubby & particularly our guest (we had on that day) loved this gravy. My daughter couldn't enjoy it as it got a little too spicy for her - next time, I should be careful about the heat :)

You can refer to the recipe in her blog - "Methi Malai Mutter". Couple of things that is different in my recipe - I used sour cream (instead of heavy cream). I forgot to add turmeric powder. I was actually comparing both our pictures for a very long time to find where I missed the color.

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  1. Sasi - too good. Yours has come of very good! Thanks for linking to my blog as well. You are on a roll these days. Great job with all the blog entries