December 5, 2011

Health & Beauty - Tip #2

This tip is for breastfed babies & their moms. Sometimes, babies tend to get constipated if their diet / mom 's diet changes. My 5 month old baby once got constipated when I overate peanut chikis (Kadalai urundai) unknowingly. There is a home remedy that you could try to relieve baby 's constipation before consulting his/her pediatrician.

Raisins are highly nutritious and a natural source of potassium and iron (also contains calcium and fiber). So, raisins can work well to relieve constipation.

Boil 8 to 10 raisins in a glass (about 6 oz) of water and allow it to boil till the raisins are plump & soft. Now, puree the raisins with a spoon, strain them and give only the juice to your baby (approximately about 1 oz). This is safe to give for babies from 3 months & up. You can save the remaining juice / make fresh juice and give about 1 oz twice a day for 2-3 days.

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  1. Wonderful. We got this input from my MIL and We tried with our baby as well, It works perfectly. My MIL asked us to just soak it in water and try the juice. This seem to be little bit different
    - Venki