October 9, 2013


A crispy & savory cross between adai & vadai! Kunukku uses the same ingredients (well, almost) as adai, and deep fried in oil like vadai. The texture of kunukku is similar to vadai, but tastes like adai.

Kunukku can be prepared & offered as prasadam during one of the Navarathri days, a crunchy break from the sundal monotony!

Basic Info
Complexity - Medium
Prep time - 1.5 hrs
Cook time - 1 hr
Serves - 4-6

Channa dal - 1 cup
Toor dal - 1/2 cup
Whole Urid dal - 1/4 cup
Raw Rice - 1/4 cup (I used sona-masoori)
Green chillies - 2 nos
Dry red chillies - 2 nos
Curry leaves - 7-8 nos
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Hing - 1/4 tsp
Salt - 1.5 tsp
Oil - for deep frying

Soak channa dal, toor dal, urid dal, rice in water for 1.5 hrs.

Drain all the water and using a mixer, grind all the drained ingredients along with green chillies, red chillies, curry leaves into a thick & coarse batter (similar to vadai batter).

Add turmeric powder, hing, salt and mix well.

Heat oil in a frying pan. When hot, take a handful of batter and using the back of your thumb, push small portions of batter into the oil. You need not shape the batter; imperfectness adds to the taste of these fried fritters.

Fry them until golden brown and drain excess oil in a kitchen towel.

After it cools, store it in a air-tight container. Enjoy!